Predator Luxury Performance Boats

"Hi-Performance boat manufacturer with a touch of luxury"
The first Predator to hit the waters was launched in 2009, but it all started way before that. Development, engineering, and productions for many pleasureboat companies as well as government and workboats. Our success at Predator hasn't been overnight and it hasn't been by accident either. It's the product of many years of hard work, devotion, and innovative thinking. The driving force behind this is our passion for powerboats.

We at Predator are passionate about our boats. Many of the exclusive processes we employ in the Predator boats product line are the direct result of our extensive experience on the new developments, testing, and customer feedback.Our strategy is to design and develop high quality products in consulting with: all of our vendors and customers to give our products the best possible result.

Predator Powerboats is a privately held company; so we are able to concentrate our efforts on building boats of the highest quality and have only our customers and our reputation to answer to. If you are looking for a personalized custom offshore performance boat Predator is in a class of its own.