The FUTURE of Luxury Performance Yachts

... designed and handcrafted in Italy


Performance Sport Yacht

...forged over the definition of Gran Turismo

boasting as much luxury as high performance

Bespoke Fit & Finish

Attention to detail

maximum comfortability

Lifestyle overload


The GlossYachts 62GT is in a class of it's own. The 62GT is a technology laiden high performance sport yacht capable of speeds in excess of 70knots based on the propulsion of choice. There are no comparable yachts in its class that can boast the same level of luxury appointing and performance. The naval engineered hull is the catalyst of why the 62GT is designated as a Sport Performance Yacht. Exceptional sea keeping ability, awinspiring performance and Italian craftmanship at its finest. Every mm of this boat had been thought out with razor sharp precission, creating a benchmark for any builders that dare to compare. 

The 62GT is a limited edition high performance luxury sport yacht that will only be made available to a few discerning clients that truly want a boat that exemplifies luxury, performance and exquisite taste. The handmade works of art were designed for the yachtsman or yachtswoman that wants a vessel that can transcend them into one of the rulers of the ocean way. The goal from the onset of the project was to create a performance yacht that didnt need a crew to run, the owner could simply jump in with friends and family and be on there way to creating memorable moments in some of the most exotic ports of call the waterways provide. The 62GT is not a replacement for a larger yacht its a sports yacht to accompany the larger yacht when you simply want to tool around and explore. 

If you are one of the few that would like to learn more about the 62GT or any of the Gloss Yachts within the line feel free to contact us for a consultation to discover the future of luxury performance yachts.

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