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Power Yachts Detailing 
Offers a variety of detailing services from basic washing, all the way up to full detailing services I.E. waxing, buffing, oxidation removal etc. Power Yachts Detailing services are offered on a as uses basis or you can be enrolled in one of our maintenance packages that can be custom tailored to your requirements.

Hand Wash:

  • Hand wash boat inside and out (inclusive of all floor and anchor hatches), and shammy and microfiber hand dry. Lime, calcium, and stain removal. Inside vacuum if carpeted. Cockpit wipe down, clean seats, demold vinyl and UV portection with 303. Clean all gauges and glass. All bright work (stainless steel). 
Full Detail:
  • Includes hand wash and drying. Apply wax to all fiberglass or painted surfaces. The type of wax to be used depends upon the condition of the gelcoat. if the gelcoat is in good condition we will use Pure Carnuba Wax. If there is light to moderate oxidation either a cleaner wax or restorer wax containing compound is used. Heavily oxidized boats my require compound to restore the shine of the gelcoat. 
​Additional Services:
  • Clear plastic window treatment
  • Polish & protect metals
  • Radar equipment cleaning
  • UV Vinyl treatment
  • Clean dirt and mildew from canvas
  • Interior clean and detail
  • Oxidation removal
  • Minor scratch removal
  • Non skid deck cleaning
  • Waxing, polishing, and buffing by hand, orbital or high speed polisher.
  • Light stain removal
  • Rust removal
  • Bottom preparation: Barnacle scraping and removal
  • Bottom painting