Detail Packages

Timeless tender package-Basic wash & Spray Wax

  • Meguiars™ spray wax or Smoove™ boat wash and wax
  • $10 per foot

The Go Fast Package- Hull clean plus wash and spray wax

  • On & Off on hull remove scum line and yellowing
  • Removal of all rust stains
  • Smoove™ boat wash & Wax 
  • Meguiars™ spray wax
  • $12 per foot

The Luxury Liner Package- Full Detail (our most popular package)

  • wash and wax
  • Smoove™ boat wash and wax Non-skid  deck cleaner
  • Spray 9™ marine degreaser
  • X14™ mold and mildew remover 
  • Glass cleaner
  • Smoove™ cleaner wax
  • Smoove Micro-Polish & Polymer™ 
  • Smoove High Gloss Polymer Protectant™  
  • $15 per foot

The Sunfaded Sport Deck Package- Wash and Wax plus Full Compound (exterior only)*

  • Wash and wax
  • Full compound using  3M™ Super Duty or 3M™ Medium
  • Wax applied with wool 3M™ buffing pads
  • $19 per foot

The Bruiser Cabin Cruiser Package - Wet Sanding (prices may vary)*

  • 20 sheets of 3M™ 800-1000 grit sandpaper
  • 2 sanding blocks full wash 2-3 times using Smoove™ boat wash and wax
  • 3M™ Super Duty Compound 
  • 3M™ Wool Buffing Pad
  • Smoove™ Micro-Polish & Polymer
  • Smoove™ High gloss Polymer Protectant 
  • $24 per foot

The Old Salty Sportfish Package- 
(prices subject to change due to the condition of the boat)*

  • wet sand 30+ sheets 600-800 grit 3M wet sandpaper
  • 20+ sheets 0f 800-1000 grit
  • 3M super duty compound
  • 3M medium compound
  • on&off hull cleaner rust stain remover
  • smoove boat wash and wax Nonskid deck cleaner
  • spray 9 marine degreaser
  • X14 mold and mildew remover 
  • glass cleaner
  • smoove cleaner wax
  • smoove micro polish and polymer
  • smoove high gloss polymer protectant 
  • full interior + exterior detail
  • price starts at $27 per foot


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