Power Yachts Advantage


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Why sell through power yachts? 

Your boat:

  • Can be sold for a higher price because of our premium marketing strategy
  • Sells more quickly because we respond and close faster
  • Is advertised to promote the love and care you put into it over the years
  • Is given the same attention in preparing the listing as our brand-new boats regardless of its age, price or size.

How we do it. 

We show complete details of every boat we list for sale:

  • Professional Video Reel shows overall layout, sea trial running clips and condition
  • Virtual Tour Program showcases the boat inside and out - we are the only boat dealership that does this for every boat.
  • Detailed Photos with our in-house photographer using our extensive camera equipment including full format and DSLR
  • Full Description derived from a complete inspection done via a proprietary app that was created in-house
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We know that buyers do tons of research before purchasing:

  • Our advantage is the focus on the detailed video content and virtual tour on every boat (No other boat dealerships or brokerages invest the time and money into doing this)
  • We leverage the technology behind online marketing in social media for targeted placement that creates greater reach and retention (Most other boat dealerships and brokerages just post content on their pages)

Here is an example of one of our listings -Lisiting Example


Boats and Yachts are a luxury item, not a necessity. As marketing experts, we understand this very important fact and how that translates into a vastly different advertising strategy than cars or houses. To succeed in that aspect, we have two videographers on staff that highlight the lifestyle and cool factor of your boat. You made many great memories aboard and that opportunity is what we sell to the prospective buyer.

Sizzle reel examples: (click links below)

We have the right team & technology. 

  • Experienced, fully salaried sales staff who are licensed captains and real boaters on call 24/7 responding immediately to sales inquiries
  • Two in-house videographers guided by our marketing professionals dedicated to advertise your boat with videos, photos, descriptive walkarounds, and virtual tours
  • High-speed drones, extensive camera collection, digital equipment, and cutting-edge virtual reality and editing software
  • Specialized Customer Relationship Management system to organize and categorize our database of thousands of prospective buyers for targeted marketing of your boat


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