Bixpy Swim Jet

Bixpy Swim Jet

Bixpy Swimjet ESS Electric Surf Sports GoPro Action Cam

Starting at: $725.00

Boost your life underwater with a simple attachment of a Personal Battery Pack, you can turn your Bixpy Jet into a 5 lb diver propulsion vehicle (DPV). 

Bixpy Swim Jets are offered with two battery options. A lower capacity battery (98 Wh) complies with regulations set by many couriers to allow for more economical shipping of the Swim Jets.  A higher capacity battery (147 Wh) allows you more time on the water.  Both battery packs comply with IATA and FAA regulations to allow you to travel with your Swim Jet as a carry-on.

For your reference, we have created a simple chart to give you an idea of how the Bixpy Jet Performs in its various settings with both batteries.



  • One Bixpy Jet Motor
  • Bixpy Handheld Battery Pack
  • Bixpy Battery Pack handle attachment
  • Trigger with multi-click function on handle


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